Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wedding thoughts

so the more that i get going into this wedding planning stuff, the more i think to myself, who made up all these "rules"? who decided proper etiquette on what to do and not to do concerning my guests. yes, i'm inviting you to this "party" so to speak... so shouldn't my guests just be happy with what i'm providing and not pick at every detail and not criticize that i did something "wrong"? i mean, this day is foremost about justin and i. i'm sure when we stand before God to say our vows, he's not concerned on whether or not my guests will be provided with hotel blocks, wedding favors and great food. as much as i love tradition and planning a wedding, i have become annoyed with the small things. i'm trying my best to go along with it all and be traditional, but i'm trying to stand out and make this event, this union, unique. after all, why should my declaration of love to justin be the same as the last person standing in the same altar or reception hall?

so now that's off my chest... yes, i am having fun with it all. i'm not stressed yet, but i feel like i don't know where to go right now. i have my big things done, so now it's all the small details i need to get put together. after all, i am getting married in less than six months!

we've been doing a lot of renovating on the exterior of the house. i can't wait to have this house look as great on the outside as i think it looks on the inside. as for now, clark is a happy little guy who gets to run the whole backyard now because of the new fence. thank goodness he's finally getting that energy put to good use!