Monday, June 14, 2010

Oh Monday...

my monday has actually been pretty good. i slept in a bit... til after 8! i needed it. i had a full week last week. but i had a quick breakfast and headed to the Y. oh how i love working out. i feel so much better about myself already. not sure how i thought i could get motivated at home without the workout equipment. so anyway, i'll be back at it tomorrow. justin and i have really agreed to push eachother and make sure we're on the right track. he's started the P90X workout. so far, he really like its. i hope he sticks with it cuz i know he's happy working out again.

so when i got home from the y i played with clark, made lunch, and did my chore for the day. yes folks, justin and i are now 10 again and we are doing chores. our lives seem to be so busy from day to day things that we haven't been the best at keeping up with housework. justin will find anything he can to be working outside that i haven't seem him do more than laundry or dishes in months. which i shouldn't complain, but i like his help with other things. so we're taking a room a day to completely clean top to bottom. hopefully once we get through each room we'll be able to keep up with it a little easier. so i hear him now, whistling away while he cleans the spare bedroom. which by the way, i think he chose that room today cuz it was already the cleanest room in the house. but again, not complaining...

work wasn't bad today. wait, what? monday? kroger? slow pharmacist? yes, i survived. i'm tellin ya, it's those endorphines from working out. and i only swore a couple times today. haha pretty good considering. justin and i have gotten better at cleaning up our foul mouths. my work situation always seems so up and down. i hate kroger... but i seem to be afraid of change. i got offered a job at the fort wayn country club and they had me work saturday night. i was super excited until it became saturday and i worked 10-3 at kroger then had to be there at 6:30. i really wasn't up for working. i went into it with a bad attitude. i almost had a panick attack pulling up. it was horrible. i worked til 12:30, which by the way people i usually am in bed by 10. sad, i know. but anyway, i served drinks, standing in one spot, for five hours to a bunch of high schoolers. ugh... how i hate food service! i was hoping to go into this job with a cool like, golf course job or something. it's not gonna last. i know i'm being picky... maybe too picky. but what can i say, as much as i hate kroger, i'm spoiled with a pretty dang good schedule and good pay. we'll see where the summer takes me. there's gotta be a dream job out there right?

so, i need to get some wedding stuff done. it's 20 til 8 which means at 9 justin will start whining about it being 9 and him not having showered yet. which then the house will be quiet and maybe i can get a little done before i hit the bed with edward cullen. yes, my vampire boyfriend who my fiance totally knows about but hates. yes, i'm 10.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wedding thoughts

so the more that i get going into this wedding planning stuff, the more i think to myself, who made up all these "rules"? who decided proper etiquette on what to do and not to do concerning my guests. yes, i'm inviting you to this "party" so to speak... so shouldn't my guests just be happy with what i'm providing and not pick at every detail and not criticize that i did something "wrong"? i mean, this day is foremost about justin and i. i'm sure when we stand before God to say our vows, he's not concerned on whether or not my guests will be provided with hotel blocks, wedding favors and great food. as much as i love tradition and planning a wedding, i have become annoyed with the small things. i'm trying my best to go along with it all and be traditional, but i'm trying to stand out and make this event, this union, unique. after all, why should my declaration of love to justin be the same as the last person standing in the same altar or reception hall?

so now that's off my chest... yes, i am having fun with it all. i'm not stressed yet, but i feel like i don't know where to go right now. i have my big things done, so now it's all the small details i need to get put together. after all, i am getting married in less than six months!

we've been doing a lot of renovating on the exterior of the house. i can't wait to have this house look as great on the outside as i think it looks on the inside. as for now, clark is a happy little guy who gets to run the whole backyard now because of the new fence. thank goodness he's finally getting that energy put to good use!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

do i have a blog? i've been completely consumed with life. i got engaged, which i don't even think i've blogged about. i have been super busy with all that on my mind...
lots going on this week... justin's grandpa passed away so we've been dealing with that this week. i think everyone's glad he's not in pain with his bone cancer anymore, but sad he's gone. he seemed to be the rock of this family, so lots of prayers for them...
on that note, we've been driving quite a bit. i was in howe on sunday for rosena's (justin's sister) wedding assembly line. we did her invites, centerpieces and favors. that's a lot of crafty for one day! so we drove back up on monday when his grandpa was flown to kalamazoo... that made for a long day. we'll be back up today for the viewings, then sunday i'll be back in sturgis once more for easter. my poor car :(
i hope to get back on here soon to update all the crazy wedding stuff i have going on. as for anyone who reads this, enjoy the gorgeous weather. sounds like we'll be having a record setting day in store... 80 degrees!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Superbowl Weekend

i feel like so much went on last week, or weekend that i can't remember what happened. i had a pretty mellow work week seeing as how i worked with floater pharmacists because of vacation, and the same for this week. i seem to almost like the floaters better... not surprising.

friday after work justin and i conquered the snow that we got and met brad at cebollas. it's been forever since we've been there and even longer since we've hung out with brad. it was nice catching up and just hanging out for a while. saturday we had all these plans... we wanted to clean house for sunday, get groceries, go to the potty training class for clark. well, we did none of that. all of us were laaaazy. we went to the gym in the morning, got subway, and that was the last of the excitement. we watched movies and lounged around until about 6 or so. we finally started to clean house and scooted on to bed. sunday morning rolled around and we headed to church, grabbed what we needed for snacks for the game, continued to clean and then headed to puppy class for clark. puppy class went... ok. haha when we first got there clark was excited to be great by two HUGE bullmastiffs. this was my first encounter with a mastiff as well and was surprised to see how big they actually were. they were like horses! clark, being the curious little puppy he is, went right up to both of them, let them check him out and started playing. he loved them, and i think he even loved the drool... gross. we had one other dog, a husky, in our class. we just worked on a couple commands such as watch me and sit. he knows how to sit very well and he picked watch me up very quickly. the funny thing was that he wanted nothing to do with it about half way through. he didn't understand why we weren't letting him play with the other day and he got tired of listening. he was literally tired... he just wanted to lay down and stopped paying attention to us. what a goofball. so we have our fingers crossed that he'll start listening to us better because he's listened to those commands very well this week. now lets just work on biting and jumping up.

we had quite a houseful for superbowl. justin had even hooked a tv up in the kitchen for excess people, but we all managed to fit in the living room. we ordered some pizzas and had snack foods. it was a lot of fun, we had a different group over this time. we had brad, beth, brittni and chase y. we also had invited nirup and hannah, who we used to live next to at the apartment and now we attend church with them. they also brought some people from church: kevin, his wife beth and kyle. it was a lot of fun and clark behaved himself!

as for this week, it's been very uneventful. thank goodness for all the snow. i thought we were going to get through winter with no real snow falling. i even had a snowday at school. that's always fun in college. last night we babysat kaydence while rosena (justin's sister) and cressel were in class. she's always so well behaved and we even got her to do a little housework...haha.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My first blog

so, as my first blog starts, i've already questioned whether or not to use proper capitlization... it's not my thing when typing, so maybe not.

thursday, thursday. class is a bore, and i come home to cleaning, a wild pup, and babysitting in the evening. what not to look forward to? clark must have thought when we bought this house we were thinking of him because we obviously set up the furniture for him as a race track. and of course everything is HIS! pens, bras, socks, shoes, slippers, paper, etc. anything he can get quickly (and i mean quickly) and he's off to the track. which way will he go? he dodges to the left, then to the right, around the coffee table as i dive and miss him, behind the loveseat where he always ends up in the corner, behind the recliner where i think i'm going to be patient and get him. no... this just sends me into a rage which makes me throw the recliner against one wall and catch him. i take whatever he has, and as a sly little pup he always gets me back. as i walk away trip , and i either fall, or almost fall. this doesn't make me angry at all. please, oh please Lord have these puppy classes work!

so last saturday night, justin and i attended our church's intro class so to speak. we learned the ins and outs of pine hills and how to become a member. i think it's nice that we look forward to going to church on sunday mornings and we've really started to feel a part of it all. everyone is so welcoming and we can't wait to take the next step into joining and being baptized.

as for the weekend, we have lots of plans... catching up with brad and beth, housework i'm sure, dear john with some girls, church and of the superbowl with some chili and friends! go colts...sorda. i guess i should be supportive of justin's team...haha.