Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Little of This, A Little of That...

I sort of feel like there is a world of difference from when I first started "blogging" (if you can call it that) to now. I currently have a new job. I quit my job at Kroger towards the end of July. I liked my duties there. I feel like I was really good at what I did and got along with the customers and the "normal" employees really well. Unfortunately one can only take so much stress. Between the over management of me by a certain crazy person and then the complete under management of the whole rest of the staff in the pharmacy I had to get out of there. I told myself I was spoiled with the cooperation of scheduling and that I made decent money. Who was I kidding? I had horrible hours, worked through way too many important things in my life... nights, weekends, holidays, etc. I came home in tears way too many times. I found myself being short and angry with everyone there, including the ones I had good relationships with. I was angry, tired, and unhappy.  So without a job lined up, I quit my job. It was scary yet so releasing at the same time. I got set up with a job placement company and within two weeks had a new job. Those two weeks were just the vacation I needed. Unfortunately that job ending up being a bad fit so after another few weeks with nothing, I finally got placed at the Better Business Bureau. I'm enjoying my time there. I get along with everyone there. Everyone seems so nice. It's nice to feel happy again and not so angry. I don't dread going into work every morning. So on that note... I did work today and I am entertaining a houseful of people tomorrow so I need to get off this couch and get cleaning. And maybe a bit of Pinteresting... my new obsession.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Food Revolution

so i've been addicted to jamie oliver's food revolution since i first watched it last season. this season i'm still loving it. i highly suggest anyone to watch it! it's disgusting learning the true facts about school lunches and processed food in general. i have always, and still do unfortunately, proclaim that i loved school lunches growing up. ever since day one i remember loving the food. my mom didn't have chocolate milk on hand like the school did and we didn't have cookies with every meal. i mean, who wouldn't like that? i loved school pizza, burritos, ravioli, sandwiches, etc, etc... but i also remember always liking vegetables growing up. at a very young age i remember picking fresh asparagus on the side of the road with my baby sitter and being so excited to go back and eat it. that's a great example for why fresh food is good for children. they learn that if they can grow it, they can pick it and cook it themselves. what's so sad is that last season on jamie oliver he went into a classroom and the kids couldn't identify fruits and vegetables. didn't we learn that in kindergarten?! i remember very vividly learning a new fruit/vegetable every week and tasting it. maybe some schools just don't do that whether it be for lack of interest or funding. i guess that's why it's so important to feed your kids good food. now i know produce from the store is expensive. trust me, i know. the first place you hit in the store is the produce and when i'm done in that section i walk away with a good 1/3 to 1/4 of the cart being just produce and knowing that that's what's gonna make up about half of the cost of my bill! but it's worth it. it's sad that going through a drive-thru fast food place and hitting their value menu for burgers and fries is the cheapest and most convenient way for people to feed their kids. i don't know how people can be giving their children pop, candy and fast food at such a young age. the toxins in that food is what's causing obesity, sickness, and probably (just an outsiders view) why the rate of child mental disability rates are rising. so back to school lunches... yes, i enjoyed the crap i ate at school. some people think i'm crazy. but, on pizza day they always served corn. yes corn and pizza. i'm still puzzled by that. it may not have been the freshest corn, but i always ate it. i always ate the veggies on the lunch line. once i hit high school, we were blessed with the option of salad bar. i can tell you i probably hit the salad bar lunch line as often as i hit the regular line.

so now, as a conscious adult, i feel for the most part i make pretty good decisions when it comes to the food i eat. i think every now and then i like to eat junk just like the next person, but i think i've been blessed with fairly good genes and a passion for sweating at the gym... even though i enjoy my tv time on the couch! (<-- this is where the good genes come into play) i enjoy being in the kitchen and trying new recipes. i love thinking that anything with regular flour can be better with whole wheat flour. and that anything that comes frozen or in a box will taste much better and make me feel better knowing i made it from scratch. i like knowing that i can control my sugar intake. (i can picture my family laughing at me right now since they all know i grew up drinking coffee in my sippy cup and drank this coffee with spoonful after spoonful of sugar until i was about 19 or 20... not always in that sippy cup haha) i like knowing the ingredients going into my food, not just reading it on the side of a box. i love fruits and veggies and love, love, love salads! i hope we're able to pass this thought onto our children someday. we never have pop in this house and we absolutely love milk and water. don't get me wrong, it's good to treat yourself every now and then, but i think i'd want to give my growing children only the best foods to help them grow mentally and physically. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Married Life

i'm not quite sure where the time has gone. it's been just over eleven months since justin proposed. and here we are, january of 2011 and we're married. everyone keeps asking, "how's married life?" i know it's different, but it all just feels the same. i'm just happy. i've got a bit of the blues from no longer planning a wedding, but i hear that's normal. there was so much stress, craziness and excitment in the last year. i guess i should just enjoy the road ahead of me.

with it being winter, i think justin and i are getting a bit of cabin fever. i'll catch myself in any room thinking, "what could i do to change this room?" this time of year, hgtv seems to be on the tv more for us so i've always got these crazy ideas. i hope our new budgeting will work and we can slowly start to make some changes to this house. i keep telling justin we need to sit and make a video to send to the new hgtv'd show so we can get our dream patio! we plan on re-doing that this spring. i've got my fingers crossed that the big semi-truck will show up in front of our house so we can use our deck money on new floors for the kitchen/mudroom/bathroom. :) something good has to happen to us right? not that we haven't had good in our lives, i just think we're still a little bitter from the vacation and clark getting sick thing during the wedding...

which reminds me, we still are waiting on our insurance money. it seems to be a battle. the travel agent said she sent all the paperwork in just for them to turn around and say something wasn't right. so, we're behind another six weeks i guess. people ask, "when are you going to go on your honeymoon?" good question. we can't book until we get that money back. we spent quite a chunk of change on that vacation and don't just have that money sitting around. so we have to get it back before we can book again. but thank God we decided to go through a travel agent so we're getting all this help and we were smart enough to actually get insurance.

i'm extremely bored tonight. i can only watch so much tv before i go insane. i need to read. i need to find books that hold my interest. i don't want to keep reading twilight over and over until i'm sick of it. i attempted to re-read them but it took too long the second time through so i gave up. i'll give it a while before i pick them up again. maybe i'll want to read them as quickly as i did the first time again. i still say those were two of the best weeks of my life reading those books. i've never held such interest in books before. i'm on the search for the next great read! (not that edward could be replaced (; )

so, for a quick catch up, yes my little clarky is doing just fine. he's as feisty as ever. so feisty i'm thinking of getting a trainer to come to the house. i'm tired of getting attacked everytime i wear slippers. by the time winter is over and he's used to them he'll just get mad at me for switching over to flip flops and there's another fight with him. it's a constant battle with this dog. my grandma told me, "i think you should just get rid of that dog." i said, "i think i'm a little too attached at this point, grandma." she says, "no, you'd get over it." haha that coming from a lady who's not too fond of dogs. she loved butch when he was old and moved about as fast as her, and bruno grew on her when he got older and calm as well. clark and buster (mom's dog) are just a little too crazy for her. they're too crazy for me too when they are together. but hey, they're brothers. what else would you expect? my favorite thing to do is wake up in the morning, put on my coffee, and grab a spot on the couch under a blanket with clark. he may be viscious and crazy when people are around and when he's awake and hyper. but my cuddle time with him is the best, and i wouldn't trade it for the world. he's my baby.

speaking of baby, my brother's wife, kara, is due in a month. february 17th to be exact. grandma would be tickled pink if they had the baby that day seeing as how it's her birthday. it will be another little girl for them. i sometimes forget she's pregnant because it's gone so quick. i guess we've had a lot on our plate this last year though. justin's sister rosena is also pregnant. she had her first appointment today so i think she's still somewhere in that first trimester. i'm excited to have more nieces or possible another nephew around soon.

well, i hope to update this more often. i've always got so many thoughts, and this is a good way to get it out. i hope to have some beautiful wedding pics posted soon as well!