Thursday, April 1, 2010

do i have a blog? i've been completely consumed with life. i got engaged, which i don't even think i've blogged about. i have been super busy with all that on my mind...
lots going on this week... justin's grandpa passed away so we've been dealing with that this week. i think everyone's glad he's not in pain with his bone cancer anymore, but sad he's gone. he seemed to be the rock of this family, so lots of prayers for them...
on that note, we've been driving quite a bit. i was in howe on sunday for rosena's (justin's sister) wedding assembly line. we did her invites, centerpieces and favors. that's a lot of crafty for one day! so we drove back up on monday when his grandpa was flown to kalamazoo... that made for a long day. we'll be back up today for the viewings, then sunday i'll be back in sturgis once more for easter. my poor car :(
i hope to get back on here soon to update all the crazy wedding stuff i have going on. as for anyone who reads this, enjoy the gorgeous weather. sounds like we'll be having a record setting day in store... 80 degrees!

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