Monday, June 14, 2010

Oh Monday...

my monday has actually been pretty good. i slept in a bit... til after 8! i needed it. i had a full week last week. but i had a quick breakfast and headed to the Y. oh how i love working out. i feel so much better about myself already. not sure how i thought i could get motivated at home without the workout equipment. so anyway, i'll be back at it tomorrow. justin and i have really agreed to push eachother and make sure we're on the right track. he's started the P90X workout. so far, he really like its. i hope he sticks with it cuz i know he's happy working out again.

so when i got home from the y i played with clark, made lunch, and did my chore for the day. yes folks, justin and i are now 10 again and we are doing chores. our lives seem to be so busy from day to day things that we haven't been the best at keeping up with housework. justin will find anything he can to be working outside that i haven't seem him do more than laundry or dishes in months. which i shouldn't complain, but i like his help with other things. so we're taking a room a day to completely clean top to bottom. hopefully once we get through each room we'll be able to keep up with it a little easier. so i hear him now, whistling away while he cleans the spare bedroom. which by the way, i think he chose that room today cuz it was already the cleanest room in the house. but again, not complaining...

work wasn't bad today. wait, what? monday? kroger? slow pharmacist? yes, i survived. i'm tellin ya, it's those endorphines from working out. and i only swore a couple times today. haha pretty good considering. justin and i have gotten better at cleaning up our foul mouths. my work situation always seems so up and down. i hate kroger... but i seem to be afraid of change. i got offered a job at the fort wayn country club and they had me work saturday night. i was super excited until it became saturday and i worked 10-3 at kroger then had to be there at 6:30. i really wasn't up for working. i went into it with a bad attitude. i almost had a panick attack pulling up. it was horrible. i worked til 12:30, which by the way people i usually am in bed by 10. sad, i know. but anyway, i served drinks, standing in one spot, for five hours to a bunch of high schoolers. ugh... how i hate food service! i was hoping to go into this job with a cool like, golf course job or something. it's not gonna last. i know i'm being picky... maybe too picky. but what can i say, as much as i hate kroger, i'm spoiled with a pretty dang good schedule and good pay. we'll see where the summer takes me. there's gotta be a dream job out there right?

so, i need to get some wedding stuff done. it's 20 til 8 which means at 9 justin will start whining about it being 9 and him not having showered yet. which then the house will be quiet and maybe i can get a little done before i hit the bed with edward cullen. yes, my vampire boyfriend who my fiance totally knows about but hates. yes, i'm 10.

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